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Marsim Realty listing broker would like to do business with you, we are willing to work diligently to come to some mutual agreement, on listing your property for the highest possibly price and to compete with other real estate companies on the services we provides, especially on the commission rate, in some cases if we list your property with us, we can guarantee to have it sold within a certain period of time or we will buy it at a set agree price established at the time of the listing.
We are trusted, professional listing brokers at Marsim Realty. Our expertise, experience, and motivation for delivering an excellent service may help close your deal fast.
• We list your property in the market in result-oriented channels
• We provide you detailed insights about the latest property market prices.
• Give you access to real clients to speed up the process.
• Bring the best prices for you

Five Steps to Selecting a Listing Broker for your Home Listing

Everyone desire to get the best possible value for a home, they intend to list within the shortest period of time. However, many homeowners due to the urge to sell, the home as fast as possible usually end up with the wrong real estate agents, leading to a very frustrating and stressful selling process. A good real estate agent will make the selling process easier and faster for the seller.

Find a Realtor

(1) Find A Realtor

One of the most important steps to selecting a good Realtor for your home listing is, to hire experience prospective Realtors. Ask if they are a current active member of the National Association of Realtors, and the Maryland Board of Realtors. This is a sign that they have undergone the necessary training and are eligible to represent buyers and sellers. Non-membership of relevant real estate agents associations or bodies is a red flag.

2) ​Experience Real Estate Agents

Consider experience real estate agents: Not every licensed real estate agent, has the relevant professional experience to give you a good selling process. A licensed agent does not translate to an experienced one. An experienced real estate agent will have more contacts to sell your home successfully. Their experience will matter a lot, when you encounter problems in the selling process. Try and avoid agents who work on part-time basis. They may not have the time to market your home successfully.

3) ​Get Recommendations

Get Recommendations from the Past Home Sellers: The best real estate Agents or Realtor I know usually use the testimonials of their past clients to prove their selling prowess. Before selecting the real estate agent or Realtor that will list your home, it is important that you inquire about a list of past home sellers who had completed home listing with the agent. Read the recommendation on company’s site about pass clients particularly home sellers on their experience with the agent. To see if they feel comfortable recommending the services of the agent to a friend or family.

​4) Good Agent Listens

A good Agent Listens and Ask Questions: A professional and experienced real estate agent will listen to their clients and draw out the needs of the client.
If you meet an agent that doesn’t listen and do most of the talking, you are definitely going to have problems during the selling process. Selling a home successfully should be an easy process if you follow the above tips

5) ​Neighborhood Knowledge

Neighborhood Knowledge: A good realtor should have a very sound experience of the locality. He or she should be able to determine the average selling price of homes in the vicinity. A good agent will be able to give you a general appraisal of the real estate in the area. This would ensure that you get the best possible value for your home. Ask about recent homes that were successfully sold to get a better idea of the current market value.

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